Getting Started Trading

Things you need to know to start trading | taught by Russell Comer

Course description

In this Free course are things I wish I would have known when I started. I would have been so much further along in my trading career. I want to help you avoid what I went through, I want to help you avoid giving your hard earned money to the smart. It wont come fast, trading takes time and lots of patience. Remember if it comes fast it won't last, if it's going to last it won't be fast.

I want to help you make wise trades that make you more over time. And by keeping your money out of the smart money's hands you'll be able to have exponential gains in your account.

Right now this course is all text, but i will be updating with video.

I am constantly adding and updating content for this course, stay tuned.

Russell Comer
Russell Comer
Founder at Trading Tap

Russell has been trading stocks and options for over 5 years. He founded Trading Tap as a way to help teach other young professionals how to trade stocks in the stock market to become financially independent.

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